Certified Total Rewards Fellow

Senior rewards practitioners who already have a track record in the area of total rewards, including responsibility for more complex and sensitive areas, such as global/regional rewards, executive compensation or rewards for mobile talent, should consider the CTRF designation. This person’s career may be focused on rewards, or human resources in general with significant experience in rewards.

ATRI has conducted a one-of-a-kind validation study to prove whether its total rewards competency framework is aligned to the actual competencies needed for real total rewards (or compensation & benefits) jobs in the ASEAN region. Validation Study findings, along with input from the ATRI Industry Panel indicate the following competencies are associated with the actual responsibilities of senior total rewards practitioners in the region:

Competency Framework Summary—Fellow

Regional and Global Rewards

Competencies include ability to assess current state and establish/prioritize rewards priorities, build stakeholder relationships, manage a regional/global team, governance and rewards philosophy.

Executive Compensation

Competencies include working with the board of directors, CEO and CHRO, setting executive compensation objectives, assessing current practices, benchmarking, incentive design and pay mix, stock/share-based plans, and employment contracts.

Rewards for Mobile Talent

Competencies include alignment of rewards with business and talent management objectives for mobile talent, understand the purpose and expected duration of an assignment or foreign hire, selecting the right rewards approach and package type, preparation of balance sheet or local plus packages and managing the global mobility function within rewards.

Rewards Leadership Competencies

Competencies include developing a reward strategy, building a performance culture, managing union relations, rewards service delivery, post-M&A harmonization of rewards, cost-cutting initiatives and total rewards optimization.

Certification Opportunities

ATRI and its partners now offer a CTRF Roundtable series for senior-level rewards practitioners covering the above topics. Senior practitioners learn better through sharing and discussion, as opposed to listening to lectures or taking exams. Two separate 1-day roundtable events held each year in selected locations. Participants must complete two 1-day events in any location to be certified. They are light on theory and involve facilitated discussions held in 5-star hotel boardrooms.

Those interested in certification at this level are strongly encouraged to attend two CTRF Roundtable events, both to share their own experience and to learn alongside others with extensive experience like yours.


Assessment for Fellow certification is not exam-based. Competency assessment is instead based primarily on active participation, contribution during the roundtable and recognition of prior learning (RPL), as evidenced in the form of resume/CV or LinkedIn profile.

It is not necessary to first be certified at CTRS or CTRP levels. A highly experienced person may directly seek CTRF certification without prior ATRI certification.

Candidates must have a minimum of eight (8) years of relevant practical experience, including corporate, consulting or service provider experience, as long as there is evidence of competency in a range of areas within the competency framework.

An ATRI panel member must review the evidence and recommend the candidate to two other panel members on the basis of evidence of competency. Upon the concurrence of a total of three (3) panel members, an individual may be conferred certification as a Certified Total Rewards Fellow, or CTRF.