Certification Training Modules

ATRI Total Rewards certification is progressive, with three levels of certification available:


Certification Curriculum

Courses at each level may be taken for learning only, or for certification:


Certification Requirements

Certification is attained by

  1. 1.Completion of all three (3) modules for CTRS or CTRP or CTRF, AND
  2. 2.Achieving a passing score of 70% on the certification assessment for CTRS or CTRP, AND
  3. 3.Presenting evidence of practical competency:
  • Resume/CV, LinkedIn profile, recommendations and/or instructor interview
  • CTRS can be achieved with 1 year of relevant experience or equivalent
  • CTRP can be achieved with 4 years relevant experience or equivalent
  • CTRF can be achieved with 8 years relevant experience or equivalent

Competency evidence will be reviewed and evaluated by the instructor or ATRI panel member. Evidence can include any combination of current, relevant job or project experience or equivalent work-related exposure or academic or job-related qualification. Appeals will be reviewed by an ATRI Industry Panel member.

Assessment Exam

  • CTRS and CTRP certification require passing an assessment exam with a score of 70% or above.
  • Assessments are given for the overall certification
    level. For example, only one all-inclusive
    assessment is needed for CTRP certification, which
    will assess knowledge of all the topics and modules
    associated with CTRP.
  • Candidates who do not pass an exam may retake the exam online within two weeks of an unsuccessful attempt, for no additional fee.

The exam may be taken at the conclusion (or the day after) a class, under supervision. There is a paper and pencil version as well as an online version, although both versions must be supervised. Exams cover the entire level, not specific courses. Candidates for certification should only take an exam when they have completed learning of all the material for the level they wish to be certified for. A minimum of three courses for each level must be attended live. Live instruction ensures better learning.

Sample exam questions:

Online exam

Candidates for CTRP and CTRF certification require the nomination and agreement of three industry panel members, to ensure certifications are not awarded to “good test takers” who otherwise lack qualification as rewards professionals. This is a quality feature, to give employers and potential employers assurance that ATRI certified total reward professionals are “job ready.”

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