Upcoming Certification Events

The mission of ATRI is to “advance regional competence in total rewards management.” We must therefore make total rewards training and certification highly accessible to the ASEAN regional HR profession. To this end, we offer both regional and local workshops and events, depending on the preferred contextualization and class make-up:

  • Regional events are hosted by HRD-Future and draw practitioners in HR or C&B roles from around the region, providing a more diverse networking opportunity. Typically 3 to 5 countries are represented by the participants in a given event. They are conducted 100% by Tom Farmer and in English, with plenty of discussions, breakouts, sharings and Q&A by participants to learn reward practices in other locations, and share their own to others who are curious to learn about your country’s practices. All ATRI events are available regionally, through HRD-Future, including CTRS and CTRP workshops, the CTRF Roundtable Series and non-certification courses on Excel skills for compensation, incentive design or other topics. Those in, or aspiring to, regional rewards roles should consider attending regional ATRI events. Budget requirements may be slightly higher than for local events.

    Contact marketing@hrd-future.com for information on regional ATRI events.

  • Local events are offered through local partner/affiliate organizations, such as HRMBSI (Philippines), VNHR (Vietnam HR Association), CRS (Thailand), WARD (Bangladesh) or others. These are heavily contextualized to the local business/regulatory environment, local practices, etc. Tom Farmer is the lead instructor, and a local co-facilitator is also present to explain and discuss the material in the local context, in the local language (Tagalog, Vietnamese, Bahasa, etc.). Local language/context discussions may make this option unsuitable for those in other countries. Those in country roles may find the local events more relevant to their current roles, and the fees are generally more cost-effective. The CTRF Roundtable series is not available on a local basis.

    For information on local events, contact Willinda Yu at HRMBSi at wpyu@hrmbsi.com.ph.

The certifications are the same regardless of whether the regional or local version is taken. The local version material is slightly more focused to allow time for local language discussions. The exact same exam is given in both versions. ATRI certificates make no reference to local versus regional. There is only one CTRS certification and only one CTRP certification.

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